House painters

Venezia stucco

benatsky-stuk This technique is a special branch of stucco techniques. It has expended to Europe from Italy. It found its fulfillment especially in baroque churches. Marble imitations has continuing surface unlike the original. It is applicable to different priming coats (plaster stucco, concrete, wood, metal, plasterboard etc.) after few modifications. Marble stucco used mostly for representative places same as were used ages ago. They create luxury and exceptional impression. It is highly visible element for many restaurants, banks, theatres or hotels. Venezia stucco has become recently very popular for dinning rooms, halls or stairway in family houses.

Marble imitation is also very practical for maintenance. There stick no dust or dirt on the smooth surface of marble. Even thought it cannot be full compensation for ceramic facing, it can be used in places with higher humidity such as bathroom, swimming pool or sauna. It is important to treat it with wax protective layer in such places.

One of the great advantages of Stucco Venezia is the possibility to copy almost every shape or jaggy footing (pots, arc, alcove, decorative lath etc.) Stucco has light layer and it does not weight down construction of the building. It can easily copy real stone by illustration of small vein or by combination of different techniques of application. We can create marble surface of any color, difficulty, brightening or look.